Our Mission

Common Earth Community Garden
is established to

grow and distribute vegetables, provide
a source of 
wholesome food to local food banks, provide 
nutritional and cultural education
for youth, a place 
of fellowship for multigenerational families, and 
outreach to our diverse neighbors on this shared 
common earth.


In cooperation with

Common Earth Community Garden
Common Earth Community Garden

Gardener Info


Volunteer Jobs

Common Earth Community Garden has three workdays during the growing season.  These days are a great opportunity to help beautify the garden so it will be a nice place for everyone to enjoy.  In addition to the workdays, there are several other ways in which gardeners can participate.  Please email the garden if you are interested in helping in one of the following ways: newsletter writer, garden construction/maintenance, events in the garden.


2024 Workdays: May 25, June 29, & July 27

We encourage you to attend at least one work day throughout the growing season.  We need to maintain the walkways/paths and the common areas.  This is also a great time to get to know your fellow gardeners!



Garden Angels

Going on vacation and not able to tend your plot for a short time?  Let us know and we can have someone come in and water and general care of your plot while you are away.  

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