Our Mission

Common Earth Community Garden
is established to

grow and distribute vegetables, provide
a source of 
wholesome food to local food banks, provide 
nutritional and cultural education
for youth, a place 
of fellowship for multigenerational families, and 
outreach to our diverse neighbors on this shared 
common earth.


In cooperation with

Common Earth Community Garden
Common Earth Community Garden

About Us

Common Earth Community Garden is established to grow and distribute vegetables, provide a source of wholesome food to local food banks, provide nutritional and cultural education for youth, a place of fellowship for multigenerational families, and outreach to our diverse neighbors on this shared common earth.

           2023 Steering Committee

Chuck Clark


Chuck Clark is currently the administrator of the garden. However, he much prefers digging in the soil, watering, and growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Chuck can be seen in the garden at daybreak or in the evening when it is quiet and cool. Sunsets and sunrise are his favorite times of the day. 

Besides helping out at the community garden, Chuck and his wife Maggie have a large garden at their home where they grow vegetables and flowers. Their home was one featured in the Arvada Garden Tour in 2015. 

Maggie and Chuck have 6 grown children. They are pleased to know their passion for gardening is being passed down to the next generation and their grandchildren.

Chuck is a strong advocate for education in the outdoors. He feels a connection to the Land is critical and that nature is truly the best teacher. 

Ken & Becky Anderson


Ken and Becky Anderson come to Common Earth Community Garden with many years of experience in gardening and community development.

They are the proprietors of Pioneer Farmsteaders, an urban agricultural and education endeavor.  In their advisory role with this garden, they are excited to see another community take shape, centered on healthy food and fellowship.  Their support, advice, and experience have helped Common Earth in numerous ways.

Bob Bunting

Financial Oversight Liaison

Bob Bunting, an accountant, serves on the Board of Trustees and Financial Oversight Committee at the First United Church of Arvada. He is also the church accountant.  Bob communicates regularly with the church trustees on both financial and property issues.  He is a garden enthusiast whose specialty is sprinkler systems.  He oversaw the irrigation installation for Common Earth Community Garden.  Bob also cares for the trees that surround the garden by making sure that the roots are properly watered.  As he tends his own garden plot, he gives hands-on assistance to resolve most issues.   

Kathy Hine

Communications Coordinator

Kathy Hine has skillfully combined her passion for gardening with her talents for communication and community service.  Putting her technical knowledge to work, she’s created a website and a social media presence.  She passes on information about garden developments, upcoming meetings, and events to all who have expressed interest in Common Earth Community Garden. The public is able to connect easily with Common Earth through an attractive website and Facebook.  Our list of gardeners, donors, and volunteers is growing daily, thanks to Kathy’s efforts.  She is also the mother of Common Earth’s youngest gardener, who was practically born with a spade in his hand. 

Chester Collett

Bee Keeper & Garden Leader

Chester works in the aviation field, but is an avid bee keeper with hives at his home, his kids homes and other properties in addition to the community garden.    

Between bee keeping, honey harvesting, pumpkin growing and maintaining his own plot, he is a busy guy around here!


Lisa Lytle

Member Coordinator & Liason

Lisa Lytle is pursuing a master's degree in nonprofit management at the University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs.  Lisa is a visionary who imagined the Common Earth Community Garden years before its existence.  She was also the driving force that helped make it a reality.  Her avocation is assisting refugees with survival skills as they seek housing, jobs, and transportation.  One grateful refugee volunteered his physical labor during the initial construction phase of Common Earth Community Garden.  As a musician, she plays piano solos at church.  Always a multi-tasker, Lisa even performs as a one-woman bell choir.

Bill Orchard

Community Garden Consultant

Bill Orchard is a recently retired professional engineer who spent the last 44 years working in industrial gas manufacturing, beer production, and computer facilities maintenance.  He has been a community gardener for 35 years and a home gardener for 40 years.  Bill is a Master Food Safety Advisor through CSU Extension and a Colorado Master Gardener.  Bill is active in the Arvada community, including involvement with the Harvest Festival, city parks and trails, Bike Friendly Arvada, farmers market, Arvada Community Garden, Arvada Healthy Places and Olde Town Arvada.  Common Earth Community Garden has benefitted greatly from his experience in all aspects of community gardening and his can-do approach to problem-solving.

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