Our Mission

Common Earth Community Garden
is established to

grow and distribute vegetables, provide
a source of 
wholesome food to local food banks, provide 
nutritional and cultural education
for youth, a place 
of fellowship for multigenerational families, and 
outreach to our diverse neighbors on this shared 
common earth.


In cooperation with

Common Earth Community Garden
Common Earth Community Garden

Welcome to the Common Earth Community Garden, in cooperation
with First United Church of Arvada.

We hope that, together, we can work for good for our common earth.

All garden beds have been rented for the 2024 season.  If you are interested in being on our waitlist, please send us an email at the address below!


We look forward to fostering relationships with our gardeners

and the community each year.


If you are interested in more information about our community garden please email us at:



News and Updates

  • Construction of the new parking lot at First United Church of Arvada is complete!
  • The First United Church of Arvada hopes to complete a new labyrithn medidation garden just north of the community garden this spring.
  • We hope to have 3 more garden beds put in for this gardening season!
  • Other projects are in the works as well!  Become a gardener and find our more or contact us at the email address above.


Visit the Common Earth Community Garden Facebook page for
great gardening tips, tricks, and most importantly,
to connect with our gardening community!


Please send us your photos from your own Common Earth Community Garden plot, along with any tips & tricks or great gardening ideas you see on Pinterest, and we will post them on our Facebook page.

Email photos, tips & tricks to: commonearthcommgarden@gmail.com

See you in the garden!



The following groups have provided donations to the garden!


City of Arvada

Colorado Gardeners Association

Denver Urban Gardens (DUG)

First United Church of Arvada

Super Tees

Abercrombie Family

Ralph Marsh

Arvada Rent-Alls

Rose Roots Community Garden

Jordan's Building Center
Arvada Gardeners
Wright's Nursery



All of the many individual contributors,

Thank you for your contribution!


City of Arvada Neighborhood Enhancement video (3:06 min)! 

Featuring Common Earth Community Garden

             Our Garden In Progress

Visit our Photo Gallery to see pictures of our garden in progress!

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